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Upside Down German Chocolate Cake
This recipe was given to me by the wife of a teacher I used to work with. Every time someone celebrated a birthday his wife, Kathy, would make this for the math dept. It is amazing....she still makes it better than me however I enjoy the practice!
Chocolate Pecan Pie
Pecan pie is a staple at our house over the holidays. I like to make it with chocolate because this way I don't need any additional desserts...in our house, we consider chocolate the only way to do dessert!
Molten Lava Cakes
My husband and I had these at a restaurant one night and we fell in love. I have tried to re-create the recipe and after many years, perfection. This is a great dessert to end any dinner...everyone gets an individual cake served with vanilla or coffee ice cream.
Bananas Foster
My Dad makes this the best. I am not a huge fan of fruit for dessert however this one works. Butter, cinnamon, ice cream, liquor and flames...this is an impressive dessert to make and serve!
Fruit Pizza
This may be the best brunch pizza ever invented. This is my mother-in-laws recipe and whenever she makes this, she is sure to make two b/c it is such a hit. Fresh fruit in season makes this pizza pretty as well as delicious.