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Mulled Red Wine
This is the perfect beverage for the holidays or a winter book club with the girls. It is a nice twist on red wine, think of it as a warm and toasty sangria.
Raspberry Martini
This recipe comes from a good friend of mine, Greg. It is his recipe and I have been in love with it ever since I tasted it at his wedding. It is creamy, nutty and sweet and looks so pretty in a martini glass.
Pomegranate Margarita
Pomegranate is so trendy these days and it is really delicious. This margarita can be served on the rocks however I prefer it frozen with a sugar rim!
Tequila Comsopolitan
This is a twist on the classic cosmo and will kick off any mexican fiesta. Plus, if you start with a tequila cosmo you can finish the night with some pomegranate margaritas without mixing your liquors!
Sherry Cobbler
This is a unique brunch punch. It is made with sherry, cranberry juice and some lemonade. It is sweet, tart and mild all at the same time. Plus, it is a much needed recipe for a brunch beverage...you can only serve mimosas so many times.