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Flank Steak Tidbits
These tidbits are a must for any get together where you need to feed the men! They are hearty, easy and delicious. An appetizer you can really sink your teeth into.
Black Bean Dip
This dip is often requested by the ladies. It is a great topping for a salad or chicken however I prefer to eat it with a big bag of tortilla chips. It is low fat, has a long shelf life and I usually always have the ingredients on hand so it makes a great late night snack.
This is a recipe that has been done so many ways in almost every kitchen. My recipe comes from my mom, her version uses water chestnuts wrapped in bacon. It is a perfect blend of flavors and each piece is the right size for one big bite!
Chex Mix
This is a sweet and tasty chex mix. The recipe comes from my good friend, Deb. She started making this mix for my bunco group..we wouldn't let her play unless she brought 2 ziploc bags full of the stuff.
Incredible Dip
If you like olives you will love this salty dip. It is a great appetizer for parties because both men and women find this olive masterpiece irresistible.